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24M with ramps side rails

AWS Ltd is a leading supplier of Weighbridges in New Zealand.

AWS Ltd led the way as the first supplier of a quality imported weighbridge in January 2010, which was the AWS SCS-M. Gilbarco NZ, a former power house in the weighing industry, then approached AWS Ltd with regards to adopting the SCS as their preferred weighbridge. This culminated in hundreds of these bridges being installed throughout the country. Many other companies followed, claiming the SCS-M as their own. Attached is the original TS approval for the AWS SCS-M weighbridge. Please view for sizes, structure, approvals etc. It is important to ask your chosen supplier for a copy of the Certificate of Approval for the weighbridge you are purchasing. This document will show clearly what you are about to purchase, as issued by a Government Department.

The Installation Process

AWS Ltd are experienced professionals when it comes to weighbridge installations, with over 35 years in the trade.

This is what you can expect from an AWS SCS-M weighbridge installation.

  • NZ Trade Certified Scale Mechanic
  • NZ Trade Certified Engineer
  • Registered Electrical worker in NZ
  • 35 Years’ experience in the Industry
  • NZ Trading standards approved accredited person within AWS Ltd
  • Independent verification of accuracy from an Accredited person (Test Assured)

The Installation process of a weighbridge is the single most important part of the entire process, and it is critical your onsite installers has at very least the first 3 requirements AWS Ltd offer. If you are not sure ask for documentation to back this up. You don’t want a qualified Butcher, or an employee with less than 5 years’ experience in the trade installing your weighbridge.

026The Components

  • Quality Indicators from a range of manufacturers can be supplied
  • Weighbridge built with sealed C sections with high strength
  • Quality IP rated sealed loadcells with a proven track record of reliability.
  • Quality checked before installation by a NZ Qualified Engineer

Software Options

  • A range of software options are available if required. AWS Ltd does not clip the ticket on Software packages, and instead directs straight to the IT engineer who is able to quote you independently. Deal direct, get it right first time with no middle man.


If and where possible for a new installation, an above ground foundation should be considered first. These types of foundations offer ease of cleaning, eliminate flooding issues and do not sweat like an in-ground installation. An above ground foundation is also cheaper to construct.

Sometimes an above ground foundation is not possible due to space limitations and a Pit type construction is required.


AWS Ltd offer a 12-month standard warranty on all equipment we sell. Others now are offering 5 and 10-year warranties. The catch is you must have that company service your weighbridge, usually 6 monthly during this period. AWS Ltd is also able to match these types of warranties should the customer choose to do so under the same conditions. Your Weighbridge should be serviced at least annually, and sometimes six monthly if it is a large volume bridge (More than 40 weighs a day per week) However AWS believes the customer has the right to choose their service provider.

Some other providers are now promoting Digital loadcells as a better alternative to Analogue. There is no doubt digital loadcells are extremely accurate and less susceptible to water ingress as they operate through comms, not DC millivolts. Analogue Loadcells are by far the most common used and have proven reliable for many years.

Digital Loadcell: Proprietary, therefore usually only the providers Indicator system can be used, and most often only the provider can provide replacements. This will mean the customer will be locked into the provider for service, repairs and replacements.

Analogue Loadcell: These can be matched to many Indicator systems from many suppliers. The loadcells are readily available, usually from many suppliers. This gives the customer choices with regards to service options and keeps the pricing of this equipment competitive.

above groundWeighbridge Conversions

There are still many weighbridges about with conventional lever systems with 1 loadcell connected to the transfer lever. These weighbridges, provided the structure is sound can be easily converted to a full loadcell system. This is a very cost-effective way to up grade the existing bridge, using the same foundations and bridge structure. Ask us for a Quotation to do this, prices can start from $10000 turn key price for a 4 loadcell conversion. (This includes crane hire, civils, engineering and grouting.)

above ground2